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A list of all conferences, summits, and meetups to help you break into the industry.
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A list of global programs to help you level up in video games, esports, production, and technology.
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Educational programs and policies that affect technology.
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Game & Streaming Development Resources

Into Games
A free resource that provides in-depth explanations and resources behind the various career paths in game development and educational requirements.
Code Coven
A nonprofit that provides free game development bootcamps in Unreal Engine and Unity for those that identify as femme. They also have workshops for aspiring gaming musicians, designers, and animators.
D.I.C.E Summit
CD.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit, bringing together the top video game designers and developers from around the world and business leaders from all major publishers to discuss the state of the industry
A big career conference for those pursuing Animation and Computer Graphics careers. A great networking opportunity.
An online platform that allows developers to store and manage their code. Also, companies will also post projects and problems on this platform. This can be a great place to get seen and hired by companies like Riot, Google, etc.
A great platform to network, job search, and become an expert in your niche area in technology. Highly encouraged to create a profile for career advancement.

Organizations that Provide Free Resources that Global Patch Works With

Center 1 Foundation

A national organization that helps high schoolers find scholarships and full rides within the U.S. Global Patch partners with this nonprofits specifically to help students research for STEAM scholarships.

Unreal Engine

Unreal is a free game engine that Global Patch works with within certain communities. Ask us how to get connected and learn more about this game engine that is used to develop games, movies, etc.

Blacks In Tech

BIT is a national foundation with an active chapter in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities in in the U.S. that we work with. They are a great resources for those looking to transition into tech.